About us

PurePeak specializes in all aspects of today’s private & hybrid clouds, and production environments needs – designing, building, hosting, collocating, maintaining, operating, and monitoring production environments and large corporate networks.

We specialize in solutions for high-tech and startup companies, deploying their production environments in multiple data centers around the world, and in customer premises.

The technological solutions PurePeak provides combine our experts’ integration abilities for computing, system, security and networking, with a proven ability to deliver large and complex projects, allowing globally deployed companies to operate in the highest availability while maintaining the best performance their respective target audience, and while keeping costs down.

PurePeak’s solutions provide better performance, higher availability, significantly higher flexibility than all public cloud solutions, while keeping costs significantly lower.

We provide hosting and colocation solutions in the internet’s main markets. Our data centers are located on and connected to the main peering points of each such market.

PurePeak provides the most suitable infrastructure for our customers, providing the highest availability standards, with low latency.

To reach such optimal performance we utilize advanced networking technologies and in-house solutions, which allow to make use of the chosen computing environment by the customer.

PurePeak has an advanced cloud environment allowing our customers with a unique hybrid flexibility, combining private cloud, public cloud, and dedicated solutions.

Throughout the years PurePeak built for itself a reputation of the leading company of its kind, with a proven record of successful and timely project delivery, best-in-class professionalism and service, and ability to accommodate and exceed the high standard of the high-tech and startup verticals. We provide our service 365 days a year, 24×7, expert engineer response and support, within 15 minutes from opening a ticket.

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