BGP Deployment

Upgrade your network redundancy to a higher level.ripe
PurePeak experts will help you deploy BGP for your network and connect to several upstream providers (multihoming) for an extremly surprising total cost.

Your network becomes more important for your business all the time.
PurePeak’s experts deploy enterprise BGP networks frequently and can help you upgrade your network’s level of redundancy.

PurePeak is also an LIR with the RIPE NCC and can request public IP addresses and ASN (Autonomous System Number) on your behalf from the RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre).

-= Excellent competative prices!! =-


Our expert network engineers are familiar with all equipment from all brands and vendors, including:

·         Cisco Systems

·         Juniper Networks

·         Huawei

·         Nortel

·         Fortinet

·         Foundry Networks

·         Extreme Networks

·         Check Point

·         HP

·         Dell

·         And much more…

For further information please contact a sales representative and we’ll gladly be at your service.