Dedicated solutions

Enterprise Architecture

PurePeak specializes in designing, building and operating dedicated production environments for our customers.

Most large-scale production environments worldwide are built on dedicated hardware for the specific tasks at hand.

Building your production environment specifically to your needs is by far the most cost effective method to run and operate production environments, and of course this is the most secure method of all.

PurePeak extends the dedicated solutions to allow customers also to scale rapidly, by combing fully dedicated solutions with semi-dedicated solutions, where PurePeak provides dedicated hardware for rapid scale with lower commitment terms. Such combined solutions allow some of our customers to safely deploy secure and robust dedicated environments, specifically tailored to their needs, and in times of need to scale rapidly with dedicated hardware with lower commitment terms.

Our dedicated solutions allow the customers to deploy any system and software they desire:

  • Specific storage systems (or combination of storage systems)
  • Specific software for management, control, or as required by regulation
  • Specific data center location and certifications
  • Specific security solutions
  • Specific topology
  • And more…
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