Hybrid cloud

PurePeak’s Hybrid cloud services can provide the ultimate solution to any customer.

The Hybrid cloud solutions are basically comprised of private and public cloud solutions, integrated and working harmoniously to provide the best of both worlds.

The private cloud enables our customers to tailor-fit the solution to their requirements exactly, whether with specific hardware, special systems that are not available in the cloud (e.g. dedicated storage systems, etc.), and with the best cost/performance ratio in the industry.

The public cloud enables our customers to scale dramatically, provide integration with public cloud resources (e.g. S3, etc.), and with the out-of-the-box automation tools available in public clouds.

Our Hybrid cloud solutions provide strong interconnectivity between private and public cloud environments, to seamlessly integrate them into the same logical environment.

This way our customers will get the most value for their money, while keeping the ability to scale and partially depend on public cloud solutions.

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