Integration solutions

Enterprise Architecture

An IT enterprise design comes close with business concerns. It must allow the dynamic environment and meet the day-to-day needs, yet be a solid, simple and scale solution.

We provide a world leading, enterprise grade products and support to help you to focus on your business goals, instead of an endless infrastructure management.

From core and access network switching, WAN redundancy and optimization, NAC and perimeter security elements, wide options in wireless areas and a single-management and monitoring systems, we build a complete and 100-percent functional solutions.

Pushing your business global and expanding for an even bigger markets requires a fast and solid wide-area infrastructure solutions. Our EoSDH and MPLS projects helped our customers to achieve a supreme connectivity between their sites all over the world, receiving a “LAN-like” performance. Our monitoring systems allows to plan and implement a various solutions to prevent bottle-necking and network outages and ensure an almost lossless data transport worldwide.


In a modern, inconstant world of data networks, an agile infrastructure platforms, cut-edge technology solutions, a rapid growth abilities and support of an advanced features is the key strategy for a long-term success of your business.

We provide an end-to-end, fully managed datacenter solutions to maximize the performance and resilience of each of its elements, and we truly believes that an uncompromising support, pro-active monitoring systems and design quality is the only way to achieve the goal.

As part of our solutions we fully cover the following areas: network infrastructure, security solutions, servers, storage and virtualization platforms.

A long partnership with world leading vendors allows us to build a solid, yet tailor-made architecture for each kind of our customers.

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