PurePeak Introduction

PurePeak is a leading company in its field with impressive track records and large-scale projects, ranging from infrastructure establishment, data center IP infrastructure builds and operations, to Triple-Play NGN ISP design, implementation and high-end maintenance.

PurePeak is a Cisco Select partner. Almost all of our network engineers have Cisco certifications, ranging from CCNP, CCIP to the prestigious CCIE certification.

PurePeak is also a partner and reseller with many additional leading vendors, such as Gold Partner with HP, Enterprise partner with VMware, Palo Alto, Juniper, Brocade, Fortinet, F5, NetApp, Dell, EMC, Dell, and many others.

PurePeak’s main advantage is the combination of top-notch technological knowledge of the best experts in the industry in the fields of networking communications and security for IP infrastructure and data centre and service provider environments.

PurePeak has a vast and long experience managing and running ISPs, both in the technical and business aspects.

Our main focus is production infrastructure. We understand and know NMB’s uptime requirements better than anyone, and can provide NMB with the best and most cost-effective solution to meet your goals.

Ø  Complete design and deployment of ISPs, from small to large (up to 500,000 subscribers), including full triple-play network enablement.

o   Design and deployment of small ISPs up to ~50,000 subscribers based on branded solutions combined with open source solutions for low costs.

o   Design and deployment of large ISPs up to ~500,000 subscribers based on best-of-breed branded communications equipment and systems.

Ø  Network data services, such as MPLS VPNs, SSL VPNs, Shared Hosting/Collocation environments, Virtual ISPs, and many more.

Ø  Value Added Services (VAS), such as surfing antivirus, URL/website/content filtering, mail antivirus and anti-spam, on-line backup services, periodical newsletters, bandwidth guarantee, fixed IPs, and much more.

Ø  Consulting in business development for communications companies and service providers in order for revenue increase in general and ARPU increase specifically.

Ø  Numerous high capacity fully production data centre environments for tens of internet based companies, with data centres of up to tens of millions of US dollars worth of equipment.

PurePeak is known in the industry as a leading spearhead for high-end networking projects. In some of its projects PurePeak has provided services to some of the major integrators in Israel, that are in fact in direct competition, due to the special abilities of PurePeak’s unique technical staff and DNA, that allows us to master new technologies and overcome difficulties in very short timeframes, and even in realtime, ending in customer satisfaction and successful project delivery.

Our main goal is always to provide a successful delivery to projects we take under our responsibility. We seek to get the responsibility and do not run away from it. This results in a totally dedicated staff, keen to work as much as required, until successful project completion.

As experienced integrators, with extensive experience in large projects, and many years in the industry, we have ability to use assistance of the vendors through many degrees, both formally and informally. Our high technical skills, with the escalations possibilities listed below, assure that for any crisis and challenge we will be able to find an adequate and perfectly working solution.

  • Vendors’ technical assistance centers
  • Leading technical personnel in Israel working in each vendor
  • Leading technical personnel who worked in the vendors in the past
  • Some access to product managers, technical marketing engineers, and escalation engineers
  • Wide network of connections in the global and local (Israel) service provider and carrier industry, with direct access to the highest levels of technical engineers in many service providers and carriers

Litigation: PurePeak has no history of any litigation at all since its establishment in 2006.

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