PurePeak’s Key Advantages

PurePeak’s proposal, laid out in this document, describes in high level our design and plans for the upcoming projects as described in Verint’s RFQ.


During 2015 and 2016 PurePeak has been involved in Verint’s network in various aspects:

  • PurePeak completed an extensive site survey in Verint’s network to find many of the ailments in Verint’s network that this RFQ is intended to resolve. Our leading network engineers were deeply involved, and have an intimate knowledge of Verint’s network, and requirements.
  • PurePeak’s engineers were requested to assist Verint in several problems in the network, and successfully helped to find and isolate the problems, and provide solutions.
  • This RFQ is, in large part, built upon PurePeak’s recommendations and meetings with Verint’s management in regards to the existing status of Verint’s network.


This proposal was built after a prolonged work of PurePeak with Verint’s key personnel and Cisco.

Cisco is backing up PurePeak’s proposal in all aspects, since the inception of this design, and until a full successful completion of the project. Including leading technical people at Cisco, labs as needed, support and design assistance, and training.

Due to the forward thinking and complexity of the solutions provided in this proposal, it is mandatory for the winning integrator to have the full backup of Cisco, during and after the deployment.


PurePeak is incredibly committed to this project. The project will be led by our leading technical personnel, including a double-CCIE who will do the actual low-level design and deployment of this project, and including PurePeak’s CTO. The leading technical personnel involved have already been certified by Verint, and are well acquainted with Verint’s network.


Cisco have provided an additional discount for this project for ordering until end of July 2016, because of end of the Cisco fiscal-year.

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