PurePeak’s experienced integration and support teams provide the highest quality of professional support in the industry.

We attribute our customers’ IT environment with the highest importance, caution, and with the same care as we do with our own production environments.

PurePeak is actively working 24 hours a day, with an unparalleled engineer response time of 15 minutes from opening the ticket.

Each and every one of our team members is entering our on-call routines only after completing a challenging process, which many fail, that includes theoretical and practical exams of the highest level, and an evaluation process of their managers. Our process is so difficult that in fact only about 1 person out of 20 candidates succeeds to pass it all from initial candidate evaluation until becoming a trained engineer in PurePeak’s technical teams. It takes an employee about 6 months from joining PurePeak until becoming a trained engineer.

Our technical team members undergo constant training and technical improvement processes in a wide array of technologies, vendors, and industry directions, along with experiencing with all kinds of complex systems. This constant learning cycle helps our engineers achieve a wide understanding of the industry, and customer needs. This in turn allows to faster understanding of real customer needs, unmatched abilities to troubleshoot difficult problems, and an ability to work with technical personnel from different backgrounds.

Many of PurePeak’s top engineers and alumni have been certified by Cisco for CCIE certification.

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